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Fishing Practices

All of Natural Sea's products are caught in the wild!

Yes! We are approved by the Earth Island International Monitoring Program as a Dolphin-Safe Distributor. Check them out at http://www.earthisland.org/dolphinSafeTuna/DolphinSafeImportRetail.php for more information!

Our albacore and yellowfin tunas are caught using the most sustainably way to catch them – Pole & Line.

Our Tongol are school caught on small, local fishing boats using as FAD-Free (fish aggregating device free) purse seine gear.


Wild Albacore Tuna: Pacific (FAO: 61) - Japan

Wild Yellowfin Tuna: Pacific, Western Central (FAO: 71) - Thailand

Wild Tongol Tuna: Pacific, Western Central (FAO: 71) - Thailand

Wild Pink Salmon: Pacific, Northeast (FAO: 67) - Alaska, USA

Wild Sockeye Salmon: Pacific, Northeast (FAO: 67) - Alaska, USA

Wild Chopped Clams: Atlantic (FAO: 61) - USA

Wild Cod Fish Sticks and Fillets: Pacific, Northeast (FAO: 67) - Alaska, USA

Wild Pollock Fish Strips, Fillets, and Nuggets: Pacific, Northeast (FAO: 67) - Alaska, USA

Currently all of our Albacore Tuna products are Pole & Line Caught.

Our pouches are made from polypropylene (food grade plastic) and are coated with a very thin layer of aluminum to create a shelf stable product.

Our cans have a 3 year best by date from the date the product is packed. Our pouches have a 2 year best by date from the date the tuna is packed.

This is completely normal in canned seafood. These are struvite crystals and are formed by the natural, normal constituents of seafood after it is sterilized in the can. The crystals are no harder than ordinary table salt and can be easily scratched and crushed to a powder with the thumbnail. They will dissolve in a few minutes in warm vinegar, as they do in stomach acid.

This is a traditional packing process for canned salmon. The amount of bones and skin in canned salmon varies depending on the size of the fish. The sterilization process softens them enough that they can be easily mashed and blended with the salmon. Give them a try! The skin and bones supply important nutrients such as calcium.

With the exception of our canned shellfish and frozen SKU’s, all of our products are manufactured under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. You will find the OU symbol on all of our product labels.

Pole & Line is a catch method for fish that simply means they are individually caught by one person through one line.  It’s an important catch method because it limits the amount of fish taken out at a time, reduces bycatch of unwanted species, uses less energy than larger scale catch methods and supports local communities.

Health + Nutrition

All of our products are manufactured under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. They are certified Kosher by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America.  You will find the OU symbol on all of our product labels.

EPA and DHA Omega-3s are a family of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.  They are essential nutrients for health and development, like certain vitamins and minerals.  Since humans cannot produce them on their own, omega-3s are consumed through seafood and supplements. The best sources of Omega-3s are from cold, salt water fish such as sardines, anchovies, tuna, salmon, and herring.   

Any time a Natural Sea product is considered "Gluten Free" such information will be printed directly on the product's label. Though wheat/gluten may not be a direct ingredient used in the product (unless otherwise stated in the ingredient list), gluten testing is not performed on finished products.

Yes! Our canned tuna, salmon, clams, and frozen salmon filets fit into the paleo diet.

Yes! We routinely test our seafood to ensure our products are well below the FDA limit of 1.00 ppm. 

No. All of our canned and pouch tuna and salmon are soy free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Soy is common in many conventional brands but can easily be overlooked on the label. We choose not to add soy (a common ingredient in vegetable broths and canned seafood fillers) to enhance the flavor of the product. We enjoy tuna as it is intended to be tasted – with pure spring water and a hint of sea salt only.